Clouch White Paper 2.0

Clouch Token

Clouch economy and Clouch fundraising for the development of the project depend on the launch and circulation of Clouch token.
All the existing users will be given the on-site limited amount of tokens in the beginning. All the newly created wallets will be receiving limited amount of tokens upon registration with limited stock to be distributed (with anti-fraud mechanism is in place to prevent automated registrations)
Later the users can send the tokens to each other using the Ethereum (or BSC) wallets. First off-chain using the off-chain tech from and later, using the on-chain transactions as well.
There are Eth based and non-Eth based blockchains. Roughly half of the wallets are already good to connect to Clouch. These include the ETH Mainnet, BNB, Polygon, Huobi and a few other chains. The Web3 like integration on Cardano is in production but the Bitcoin wallets are not able to connect.
Clouch team is working to create a bridge between the Bitcoin wallets and the Clouch accounts, and multiple solutions are possible. For the launch a two-step authentication will be introduced to get BTC reflected with user profiles.
One of the solutions includes the launching of a Clouch resident wallet. The bitcoin user will need to download an ETH wallet and register with the Clouch, later claiming the ownership of a Bitcoin wallet hash (if he chooses to do so).
Solution is getting a zero BTC transaction from the Bitcoin wallet to confirm the connection. This option is to be researched further but seems feasible at the time of this Whitepaper compilation.